Katharine Jemmett



Classical Pilates Instructor & International Presenter Katharine Jemmett has been teaching Pilates & good movement for 23 years..


After an initial career as a Sports Therapist, Katharine’s focus is now to combine her hands on experience with the educational & empowering aspect of Pilates to help people of all ages & all levels to connect mind & body & move well.


Katharine originally trained with BCPA in 1998, & has continued her love of learning by taking further education in pilates for pregnancy, children, standing pilates, the elderly, osteoporosis to name but a few, & continues to work in her own body, training with those who inspire her such as Brooke Siler & Jean-Claude Nelson.


Katharine now mentors instructors to support & develop their own practise, & in doing so enables them to keep their pilates passion alive, by continuing to learn from their own practise & share these new connections with those they teach.


Based at her own Pilates Matwork Studio in Surrey UK, Katharine also runs regular Instructor Workshops & Masterclasses & has travelled widely to present on an international basis, including Turkey, USA, Italy & Greece.


Her love of Pilates & Travel, combined with the importance of life balance & mental health & wellbeing will continue into the future as she begins to offer her first Pilates Retreats into 2022 in association with Retreat Specialists travelgems.com, beginning with Greece in May & Italy in October.


In order to support her growing international clientele, Katharine offers online training & has produced a range of online Instructional Training Resources available on her website ksjbodycontrol.co.uk . These include eBook, Instructional Courses, Classes, Workouts & Tutorials.


Her goal is & always will be to reach & support those wanting to develop their movement potential, to understand & more importantly feel the transformative effect of Pilates which in Katharine’s mind is not only restricted to a ‘workout’, but applied to all day to day movement.


Katharine is thrilled to be part of the BM Control Education International Teacher Training Team. She is keen to ensure prospective pilates instructors receive good & accurate training which truly makes sense both on & off the mat, can be experienced effectively in the individual’s mind & body.


Katharine is living proof that Pilates can be practised anywhere & integrated into all your movement ~ please check out her Instagram Account @ksjbodycontrol ~ all you need is a mind & a body & the understanding & life long discipline to continue connecting the two.


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